Our Application Process

How To Become A Member Of Our Co-op

How to Become a Member

Waiting list is now closed.

Heritage Housing Co-operative includes 41 units on two sites:

  • Site 1 (717 West 8th Ave) – 36 units, as a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units
  • Site 2 (728 West 8th Ave) – 5 units, including one studio and four 1-bedroom unit
  1. Submit Basic Information:

    When our applicant registration list is open, complete and submit the basic information listed below. This information will be used to contact you when a suitably sized unit comes available. At that time you will be invited to an Orientation, prior to which you will be sent a longer application form. Please bring the long-form application with you to the orientation as it is a requirement for scheduling an interview for membership. Prior to the interview, your income must be verified by our management company in order for us to confirm you qualify financially for the unit. We are not able to interview anyone who does not qualify financially.

  2. Orientation:

    When a suitably sized unit becomes available, you will be invited to attend an orientation, at which you will view the unit and co-op common areas. There will be a brief presentation and time for questions (approximately 1.5 hours total).

  3. Interview:

    Following the orientation, if you are still interested in the available unit and joining the co-op, you will be invited to schedule an interview that will be conducted at a later date by representatives of the Member Selection Committee. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes, and will give us an opportunity to learn more about you and your family, as well as answer your questions. All family members, (including dogs if applicable), must be present at the interview.

  4. Acceptance:

    Our elected Board of Directors has the final responsibility of approving applicants for membership, based on the recommendations of the Member Selection Committee and the income verification information submitted to our Management Company. If approved by the Board, you will then be required to pay the share purchase, receive and sign an Occupancy Agreement, and complete other forms required by the Co-op.

Note: Applications will be held on file for one year (12 months) from the date of submission. After this period, if you wish to stay on our applicants list, you must contact the Member Selection Committee by email to confirm this.

Housing Charges

Type: Studio (Site 2 x 1)

Number of Residents: 1 or 2

Unit Size: 620 sq ft

Share Purchase: $1,500.00

Monthly Charge: $768.00

Minimum Income Yr: $30,720.00

Type:1 Bedroom Units, (Site 1 x 5)

Number of Residents: 1 or 2

Unit Size: 620 sq ft

Share Purchase: $1,500.00

Monthly Charge: $941.00

Minimum Income Yr: $37,640.00

Type:1 Bedroom Units, (Site 2 x 4)

Number of Residents: 1 or 2

Unit Size: 579 to 744 sq ft

Share Purchase: $1,500.00

Monthly Charge: $973.00

Minimum Income Yr: $38,920.00

Type:2 Bedroom Units, (Site 1 x 9)

Number of Residents: 2 to 4

Unit Size: 900 sq ft 2 Levels

Share Purchase: $1,750.00

Monthly Charge: $1,289.00

Minimum Income Yr: $51,560.00

Type:3 Bedroom Units, (Site 1 x 22)

Number of Residents: 3 to 6

Unit Size: 1,060 sq ft 2 Levels

Share Purchase: $2,000.00

Monthly Charge: $1,505.00 / $1,570.00

Minimum Income Yr: $60,200 / $62,800

*Please note: Housing charges are reviewed and set annually by the Membership and may increase.

**The co-op is not able to accept applicants requesting financial assistance at this time. The minimum yearly income amounts above are based on our requirement that members pay no more than 30% of their gross annual household income towards housing charges. Percentages are subject to change.

Note: Receipt of your application does not guarantee you will be selected or interviewed for membership.

Applicant Registration

Our waiting list is closed at this time. We do not know when we will be able to reopen it again. When it is re-opened there will be an application form here on the website.

This will not mean we have a vacancy, it simply puts you on our waiting list.

If this is an update to a previous application, please forward to Member Selection Committee at: heritagecoop.mscommittee@gmail.com.

Thank you