Welcome to Heritage Housing Co-operative

Community Oriented Lifestyle In Vancouver, BC

Heritage Housing Co-op was founded in 1986 through a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation initiative. There are 36 town-homes in the main building at 717 West 8th Avenue. 5 apartments were added when a high rise opened across the street in 2012.

Our central location allows convenient living without a car. One parking space free of charge is allocated in our underground garage for each town-home. We are close to City Hall, shops and restaurants, transportation, medical offices, and a 30-minute walk from the downtown.

Most town-homes are 3 bedrooms with a smaller number of 2 and 1 bedroom units. Some 2-bedroom town-homes come equipped with laundry hookups and all 3-bedroom town-homes can accommodate a washer and dryer. The stove and heat are electric.

If you prefer a peaceful and quiet area, the resident composition as well as the pedestrian and traffic noise may not give you the ambiance you are looking for.

If you enjoy a busy city environment in a family oriented neighbourhood, Heritage may be a good fit for you.

About Co-operatives

What are Co-ops?

There are many kinds of co-operatives: food co-ops, co-op daycares, credit unions, retail co-ops, worker co-ops and housing co-ops. Any group of people can form a co-operative. The members own the co-operative and the co-operative provides a service they need. Housing co-operatives provide housing.

Become a Member

Applying is easy

To apply to our co-operative, a prospective member must fill out a Membership Application package and submit it to the co-operative with certain required documents. A portion of your application will be forwarded to the Membership Selection Committee who will then call you for an interview when a suitable unit becomes available.